Corporate Videos

Corporate video provides the answers to the 5 Ws and an H: who, what, where, when, why and how of a company, a group or an institution.

Essentially it is an image building exercise – creating a brand image, establishing a reputation, reflecting the experience of its management and employees, demonstrating the quality of products and/or services and subliminally communicating to the larger audience your credibility and integrity as a business.

It forms an integral part of an organization’s marketing arsenal. On many fronts it doubles as a marketing video because it promotes your business. In fact, often these days there is a fine line between corporate and marketing videos.

An effective marketing video is one which influences the target audience to choose your company, product or service over others.

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It goes beyond informing, it has to convince and convert the message into a sale.

We have made effective corporate/marketing videos for a variety of sectors for wide ranging applications as you will notice from the videos in our video gallery.